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Angel Investors: Could they be your next guiding light?

Angel investors buy into high potential businesses to make profit—and, many times, because they used to be in the same situation as you. As a financial officer in a micro cap or nano cap corporation, you know that it takes a whole lot of creativity to squeeze your way through your competitors, to the front of the line. So do angel investors. Many of them come from grassroots business backgrounds, working their way up the totem pole as salesmen, marketers, CFO’s, and finally CEO’s. Most are retired, too driven to give up the game and aching to be a part of the new generation of business tycoons.

Angel capital investments venture in to thousands of companies per year; not always following strict logic

In some cases, it is merely affection, or nostalgia, that can spur an angel investor to step into your life. After all, they have plenty of money from their own successes, always have a few key players in their pocket, and sometimes have the added protection of a little collateral from you.

  • Angel investors look for companies that are daring, intelligent, and young.

    Usually, the process of building a company to a nano cap is a grueling experience, consisting of day after day of relentless work and maneuvering. Those companies that persist in the long run, keep their heads on their shoulders, and their businesses visible, have a much greater chance of getting help from an angel investor.

How can an angel investor help you?

Many business owners are understandably prideful. But pride, for good or ill, and no matter what the case for your business ethics, has little place in your budget. To compete in today’s volatile marketplace, a business needs every advantage it can get. Here are just a few of the ways angel investors can increase your ability to stay on the fast track to the NASDAQ:

  • Angel capital investment ventures can increase your company’s access to media buys.

  • This means that your media outsourcing options increase exponentially—angel investors have access to hundreds of other influential business men and owners, and are not always just “money”; they are often invaluable business advisors, as well. After all, if they don’t lend some of their expertise, they are neglecting their investment. Lucky you.
  • Media planning and buying, including strategic media placement through demographic media planning and research analysis, is absolutely necessary for the success of a nano cap or smaller company. Prior to an IPO, not all of the big boys know who you are, so the more attention you can draw your way, the better.

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